The Fredericksburg Pet Show Returns This Month

Fredericksburg Pet Show
Do you love your pet like a member of the family? Many people in the Fredericksburg area do, which is why the 7th Annual Fredericksburg Pet Show is going to be such a big deal. The show which takes place on Saturday, Sept. 22, and Sunday, Sept. 23, will be... [read more]

Food Fight Fredericksburg

Food Fight Fredericksburg
The Fredericksburg Area Museum is putting on Food Fight Fredericksburg, a culinary competition like no other. This is your opportunity to try and vote on food from some of the best restaurants in town all in one night! You’ll have an amazing time if you decide to participate in Food... [read more]

Upcoming Sounds Of Summer Concerts

Summer Concerts
Summertime: It’s the perfect time of year to see a concert, and the Sounds of Summer Concert Series has given us great performances all summer long. But summer is coming to an end soon, which may have you wondering if there are going to be any more shows this year.... [read more]

Visit These Local Battlefields

If you are familiar with the Fredericksburg area, you probably know that there is a lot of history that happened here. It’s an important part of our nation’s history, which means that you probably want to learn as much about it as you can. That way, you can better understand... [read more]

Spend A Day At These Fredericksburg Shops

There are plenty of stores and shops to choose from in the Fredericksburg area, but not all of them are the same. Some stores you can find everywhere, while others are unique to the Fredericksburg area. The latter often offer more interesting items than you can find anywhere else. So,... [read more]

Take A Trip To Central Park Fun-Land

Central Park
When was the last time you did something fun with the family? If you have little ones, you have to plan a trip to Central Park Fun-Land. It’s a great spot to check out if you want to have a fun day out of the house or if you have... [read more]

Take An Olde Towne Carriage Tours

Old Towne Carriage
Sure, you’ve been to historic Fredericksburg plenty of times before. But have you ever explored the area in an old-fashioned carriage? If not, it’s time to check out Olde Town Carriages. These carriages can take you all over town while you appreciate the beauty of the area. Whether you just... [read more]

Try These Fredericksburg Coffee Shops

Coffee Shop
Making coffee at home is fine on a normal day, but sometimes, you want to kick things up a notch. Whether you are looking for an ideal meeting spot for you and your friends or just want to find a quiet place to get some work done, coffee shops in... [read more]

Tee Off At These Local Golf Courses

Golf Course
Now that summer has arrived, you have the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and get onto the green. But where should you go? Don’t worry, there are plenty of golf courses to choose from in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Get the scoop on the top golf courses in the... [read more]

Kenmore Plantation And Gardens

The more you know about local history, the more you can appreciate all Fredericksburg has to offer today. People who live in Fredericksburg are particularly lucky because the area is full of history that goes way back to the founding of the country. You can get a taste of this... [read more]